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Body Positivity: Love all of yourself

"I can't think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself." Emma Stone

A few years ago Body Positivity was not a term heard in common vocabulary but today it's something we hear on a daily basis. My first interpretation would be that all bodies are unique and good. But this in fact, is just touching the surface. In a deeper sense, body positivity is learning to love yourself and accept your body without wanting to change it. Women up until recently, from a young age were conditioned to aspire to be a size like the model on the ramp, to have perfect airbrushed skin like the girl on the magazine cover or to have fair skin like the actress on Tv. The dialogue today changes these pre-confined notions of beauty.

Digging deeper in this term reveals that body positivity is not just related to appearance it is NOT just confined to looking in the mirror and liking what you see. Instead, it has much more to do with how you care for, respect, and connect with your body’s needs, while cultivating gratitude for what your body can do for you. It’s very likely that your body shape and size will change multiple times throughout your life. I myself have oscillated in life between a size 16 and 6 the process left my body with stretch marks & scars that I earlier chose to hide, now learnt to embrace.  

Cultural influences may shape our expectations for what our body should look like, but we hold the final judgment. Don’t be your own worst critic, being harder on yourselves than you would ever be on others. While it would be great to completely transform the unrealistic beauty standards that exist in society, a better, more effective goal will be to transform your own expectations of yourself.  

At Salt Skin we encourage women of all shapes sizes to embrace their being whole-heartedly. Our adjustable reversible Swimwear aspires to make all women feel sexy, confident and strong!

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